✓ Check-in-out is available 24*7 with prior intimation and approval only.

✓ All prices include relevant government taxes.

✓ Payments are accepted via cash or online only and an invoice for the same will be provided.

✓ All services are to be booked well in advance. Last-minute availability is not guaranteed.

✓ A grace period of up to 2 hrs is provided for late check-out. Any deviation beyond 2hrs automatically adds another 24hrs of paid boarding services.

✓ Sending the filled boarding form is the final information we know about your pet. Any misinformation or concealment of facts may strictly be avoided for the most comfortable vacation. Any verbal communication may be treated as void.

✓ Updated vaccination records and ID proof are a must for any service to be availed.

✓ Females during heat or 2 weeks before or after heat will not be accepted for boarding.

✓ Home-cooked meals are inclusive (chicken, rice, eggs, paneer, buttermilk, curd, veggies, fruits). Packaged dog food to be provided by pet parents.

✓ We form a WhatsApp group to share multiple updates of your dog while they vacation with us.

✓ Kindly ensure your pet is healthy, parasite-free, and excited for their vacation. We hold no liability for any injury, loss, illness, and damage to you and your pet while their stay and/or journey. All financial, emotional & social liabilities reside with the pet parent.